The most popular Google Analytics for WordPress plugin by Yoast will now support the new powerful Google Universal Analytics (UA). This plugin is used by millions of websites powered by WordPress CMS. While Google has released its new Universal Analytics tracking code, this plugin seems to be outdated, and its authors did not communicate any update about a new release that will support the new Universal Analytics.

The community asked a bunch of questions about the compatibility with the new Google UA in the support forums, including whether or not it will support it in the future release of Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. The author does not seem to have an answer yet, but we do!

While I was surfing the web looking for a specific solution for an issue with this plugin, I started checking posts on Yoast’s website for any information on that, then I decided to take a look at their page’s source code -because I love codes-, but I was surprised!

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I found a javascript code snippet of a new beta 5 version of this plugin which they test on Yoast official website. That’s a good news for the community and so we hope to see a release soon. Apparently, the author does not want to give us any related information about this. We don’t know why, but we think he wants to surprise the WordPress community like he did with me.

 google analytics for wordpress by yoast support universal UA

We do really hope not to cause any problem with Yoast by revealing this information. We respect his decision not to tell the community about this new version of Google Analytics for WordPress that will support the Universal Analytics tracking code. Therefore, We decided to write this post because we not only love Yoast and his plugins, but also are excited about this new version.

Are you excited too about this new release of this plugin? Let us know in the comment section.