HostGarou Technologies SARL is a now an accredited registrar by the ANRT to sell the .ma domain names, and also an ssd hosting company.

Most of the company out there who are selling .ma domains take about 1 to 7 days to register .ma domains names, and with a large number of orders and too many tickets to manage, it becomes very frustrating to you and your clients to handle all the .ma domain names operation.

.ma domain names, .ma domains

Today, we are announcing that we are the first registrar who have made a fully automatic management of the .ma domains including automatic .ma registration, transferring, renewing, updating, etc… We are using the EPP protocol to do automate all the operations, with a single click, you can register/transfer/renew/update any .ma domain name.

The best part is that you can automate all the .ma domains management too, how? – Throughout our partnership offer.

We will announce our .ma reseller program very soon including a lot of benefit to you and your clients, some of our key features :

  • All the the .ma portfolio (.ma , etc)
  • Discount on our .ma domain offer
  • Set your own price with your clients
  • Use of our API
  • Unlike the other .MA registrars, we’re using the EPP protocol to connect to the registry (almost everything is automatic)
  • .ma registrar modules (WHMCS, Blesta, ClientExe, and others)
  • And many more.

Since the registration of a .ma domain requires the Administrative Contact to be based in Morocco, we will also offer our own Admin-C and/or the Trustee Domain Owner to help you bypass the Registry ( restriction that requires a local representative for non-residents.

We have also our own reseller client area where you can manage your own registered .ma domain names through our platform, and our registrar modules to facilitates its own API which can be used by you to offer the .ma domains automatic registration within various systems like WHMCS, HostBill, Blesta and others. Alternatively, you can just use our API to offer the .ma domain registration directly to your clients.

Here are some features:

API Functionality:

  • Register/Transfer/Renew Domain
  • Release/Delete Domain
  • Modify Contact Details
  • Get EPP Code
  • Get/Save DNS Records
  • Get/Modify Nameservers
  • Register/Modify/Delete Nameserver
  • Registrar Lock
  • Get/Save Email Forwarding
  • ID Protection (not supported yet for the .ma)
  • Domain Cron Synchronization

End User Features:

  • View Contact Information
  • Manage Email Forwarders
  • Manage DNS Records
  • Register/Manage Private Nameservers
  • Enable/Disable ID Protection (not support yet for the .ma)

General Info:

  • Reseller Can Manage API from our WHMCS Client Area
  • Multi-Language Support

The registration of .ma ccTLD supports the EPP connection. The ANRT has recently migrated the .ma domain names into a new platform with the ability to automate almost everything. As a result, we have fully integrated our platform with the new registry to automate almost all the domain operations.

Lastly, we can provide you with a dedicated client Account Manager/Admin to the enterprise customers to handle their inquiries by phone, email or chat (more information will be available on our website).