In this guide, we will discuss the WordPress SEO from the basis to the advanced optimizations. But first, let’s imagine this scenario: you have purchased your WordPress Hosting, and you have installed WordPress on your server, then you have started blogging and writing some articles about a specific niche.

Finally, you want to make money from it, right? To do this, you need to promote your website’s contents, but you have no marketing budget to buy ads or banner adverting to get some traffic. You have heard about the advantage of SEO to get free traffic, that is why you are here, and you are on the right place. Let’s get started..

WordPress SEO Basis

To understand the WordPress SEO Basis you will to understand first the general SEO basis, and there is not better than this Wikipedia article about SEO. Optimizing a WordPress website for search engines become such an easy work thanks to many SEO plugins, for the On-Page SEO.

Historically, SEO was really simple, it was all about a meta title tag, meta description, and meta keyword an your done. But today, optimizing a website for Google include many optimizing techniques, some of them are even recommended by giant search engine.

By referring to WordPress SEO in this article it’s clear that you are referring to on-page SEO since it’s related to WordPress, the rest of SEO techniques are all about off-page SEO which are the same techniques as general SEO, but we will also go further in this post and cover it in the advanced part as the title mentions.

1. The Title Tag

This is the most important SEO tag for your article or page, Title Tag appears in the search results with your main targeted keyword, it’s is the first thing a search engine crawlers and you include it for all your articles, here is how you should write it :

  • Write an appealing and clear SEO Tittle Tag
  • Think about a call to action to increase the CTR
  • Make it short, between 35 character minimum and the recommended 65 character maximum

And the best for last, don’t write the SEO title tag for search engine, write it for visitors and the search engine in mind, make it readable and meaningful.

2. Meta Description Tag

The is the second most important Meta Tag in your on-page SEO optimization, make sure to write a clear and killer one to get more clicks and visits.