“.ma” Domains

Sell “.ma” domain names worldwide with an accredited registrar

Please note that if you choose a gateway like PayPal to make a deposit, your account will be credited by the (amount – gateway fees), choose the bank transfer if you want us to deposit the full amount.

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Easy with API

Automatic registration and management through our API.


Registrar Modules

Start selling now “.ma” domains with WHMCS and HostBill Registrar modules.

Local Presence

Free local presence in Morocco (Admin-C) to meet the registry requirement.

Why was the credit refilled less than the amount charged to my credit card or PayPal?

There is a 3 to 5.8% refill service fee if you choose a gateway like PayPal. For example, refilling your account for $1000 results in 970 points credited toward your account balance. In general, we deposit the (amount – fees) to your account. If you want to avoid those fees and keep the full deposit amount please choose a bank transfer or a check to make a deposit.

I have a low balance, how to refill my account?

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